kdebase/kcontrol/randr and kdegraphics/kgamma

Michael v.Ostheim MvOstheim at web.de
Thu Aug 21 07:35:25 BST 2003

On Wednesday 20 August 2003 18:22, Vincent Wagelaar wrote:
> > > Coudn't they also be combined?
> >
> > Technically no problem I think, but makes it sense to combine the UI's?
> Why not peripherals / monitor.
I would prefer a new folder "peripherals / monitor" for the two modules.

This moment I'm working on a new app for testing monitor settings like 
convergence, focus, picture geometry, size and position etc. (similar to the 
well known Nokia ntest). This folder could be a good place for it.

Best regards,
Michael v.Ostheim

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