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Wed Aug 20 09:59:07 BST 2003

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Since i didn't get real answer on kde-devel, i retry here.

I coded, for Kopete, a nice feature in KNotify.
It allow us to add an action in KNotify in visual effect (a link in the 
passive popup, or a button in the messagebox)

it looks like this:

The action is handled by the application.

To do that, i modified the knotifyclient. I commited it in 

Technicaly, i moved some code from the knotify deamon to the knotifyclient 
itself. I left just the sound notification to the deamon. It is simply 
because i did not found simple way to translate a qt slot via DCop safely.

I would like to add it in the kdelibs.
However, we can't place it in kdecore because it use some kdewidget (like 
kmessagebox, kguiitem, kpassivepopup and kactivelabel)
And moving it to kdeui is maybe not a solution. kcompletion in kdecore uses 
the knotifyclient.

Anyway i think it is a great addition, and a don't want to have such as 
duplicate code in kopete.
(and yould be also usefull for opthers application, like KMail when you 
receive a new mail)

What do you think?

(sorry for my bad english)
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