configure IMO broken

Russell Miller rmiller at
Wed Aug 20 17:55:20 BST 2003

I am attempting to install an entirely new kde from head.  I've installed QT 
3.2 in a new directory - /data/kde-head.  There is still an old qt install in 

The problem arises when I attempted to run configure in kdelibs without first 
installing kde-support in the new directory.  I supplied all of the correct 
arguments, --with-qt-dir, etc. Yet it still broke in executing some of the 
binaries built with that install.

This is because there were kde-support binaries sitting in the OLD qtdir.  So, 
it added a -L/home/rmiller/kde3.1, even when this was obviously not 
appropriate and broke things.

My proposed solution is, when it checks for dependencies, to also look in that 
directory for libqt-mt, and if it finds it and it is NOT $QTDIR (or the 
contents of --with-qt-dir, as appropriate), then throw a warning.  Something 
to the effect of

configure: QTDIR is /data/kde-head, but libxslt was found in 
/home/rmiller/kde3.1, which also happens to contain libqt-mt.  This is 
probably NOT what you want and may result in a broken install or not being 
able to successfully compile at all.  Please install kde-support in 
/data/kde-head to resolve this problem.

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