Globals, Namespaces, and Documentation

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Tue Aug 19 23:37:17 BST 2003

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Now that Doxygen really is replacing kdoc in the library docs, it becomes 
important to fill in those missing features that the current Doxygen docs 
don't support.

First, the namespace list is missing.  Can that be uncommented please?  
kdoc put namespaces like KNotifyClient and KIO in with the classes, so 
they were always accessible.  Doxygen doesn't, so docs like KNotifyClient 
can't be read unless you know to type the filename/url manually.

Second, the list of globals is missing.  I'm scouring the Doxygen docs, but 
can't find any hints about how to get one.  So unless KDE 3.2 will be 
adding all the globals like i18n, locate, UserIcon, etc. into a KDE 
namespace, docs for those important functions disappears.

When I think about it, that namespace seems like a good idea for more 
reasons than just documentation.  Would anyone object to wrapping them all 
in namespace KDE, adding compatibility usings (to be removed for KDE 4)?

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