2 Suburl patches for review: khtml_part.cpp & job.cpp

Laurence Anderson l.d.anderson at warwick.ac.uk
Sat Aug 16 15:10:05 BST 2003


At last, I've managed to fix enough of the suburl related bugs to get a 
modified kio_tar to work with suburls (ie. file:/home/me/file.tar#tar:/ 
rather than tar:/home/me/file.tar/), which I will post once I have committed 
these patches. However I'm not quite sure about the remaining two patches, so 
I'd appreciate it if people could have a look.


I have removed the following code from khtml_part.cpp in void 

    KURL::List lst = KURL::split( m_url );
    if ( !lst.isEmpty() )
      baseurl = *lst.begin();

I'm not quite sure why the code was there initially, maybe it was todo with 
the error protocol that uses suburls? Without these changes if a html file 
has a location of:
baseurl would be set to file:/home/me/archive.war, which is incorrect. With 
this code removed it seems to make the following lines irrelevant, any 


I have removed the following line from job.cpp in SimpleJob::SimpleJob:

    if (m_url.hasSubURL())
       KURL::List list = KURL::split(m_url);
       KURL::List::Iterator it = list.fromLast();
XX  m_url = *it;  XX

I don't know what the original intention was, but it causes KDirLister to 
crash, as it expects job->url() to return the same value as the job was 
constructed with (which seems fair enough).

Thanks for you comments,

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