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Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at
Sat Aug 16 12:15:22 BST 2003

El Saturday 16 August 2003 05:27, Russell Miller escribió:
> Kmidi's code, as it stands, is almost inextricably intertwined with an
> obsolete version of timidity.  Upon taking a look through the code, I've
> determined that it will be easier for me to rewrite it, even if in
> sections, than to fix it.  There is already kmid, which does pretty well
> most of the things that kmidi already does, so as it stands, getting rid
> of kmidi would seem to be a viable option.  There is, however, a niche
> for kmidi.

I'm the kmid author, so you may think (probably rightfully ;-) ) that I'm 
biased, but what is that niche?

> The second component is a filter.  It communicates with the core.  The
> core sends midi events to the filter, which processes them, and can
> generate events of its own.  This filter can also communicate with the

Something like the midi mapper in kmid ?

> Of course, there would be limitations to this model.  I can think of a
> few, one of them being that midi is limited to a 31,400(?)kbaud rate
> over an external interface, therefore mixing may not be entirely useful.
>  Another is that it runs the risk of becoming too complicated if design
> isn't handled carefully.  The benefits, however, are versatility,
> real-time effects generation/mixing/modification/interpolation, and
> other cool things that to my knowledge aren't really possible right now.

To my knowledge, that's better done at timidity level, but I agree I don't 
know much about timidity internals (except that kmid can already use 
timidity to synthesize sounds)

>  Essentially kmidi would become a midi sequencer/editor/streamer rather
> then a synthesizer.

IMVHO I would say that in that case you should better help the Brahms, 
Rosegarden or Noteedit projects.

> Of course, I could be missing something.  Anything I haven't thought
> about? Is it even worth it to try?  Or should I just try to work with a
> timidity server and scrap the rest?

If you're concentrating on the player, I would be welcome to receive help 
with kmid, in other case I would help one of the above projects. But of 
course, if you want to rewrite kmidi, I won't discourage you.


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