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On Friday 15 August 2003 03:57, Rob Kaper wrote:
> In short, I think it makes sense to consider those contributors not being
> able to participate by giving them a chance for more peer review and
> discussion before new features are committed as a result of the hackfest.
> It's quite possible that "non-trivial" changes will be made and I'd like to
> remind everyone that it's a good idea to discuss those changes on the
> appropriate mailinglists first and give contributors not present a chance
> to voice their concerns, requirements and wishes.

there are a few fundamental flaws in your reasoning, IMHO:

 1) a large number of people who just happen to be core KDE developers *will* 
be there. these are the same people who do so much of the valuable peer 
review you talk about. so it isn't like there won't be peer review.

 2) features and bits of code are committed all the time to KDE CVS without 
detailed peer review of the patches (or even the ideas) on mailing lists. 
they are often peer reviewed on IRC, via private email, or after they've been 
committed to CVS.

 3) the point of getting people physically together is to foment new avenues 
of  exploration and stimulate development. asking them to slow down so as to 
make those who can't be there is ludicrous; it defeats the entire purpose of 
the event.

 4) there is ample time in the release schedule for 3.2 to allow for this 
activity. if you are gunshy because of the last meeting around the time of 
3.0 and all the changes that occurred, remember the time line differences, as 
well as the difference in the TYPE of release 3.2 is.

btw, I'm not going to be at N7Y (*tears of dissapointment*, etc), so i fall 
into the category of those will not be able to participate by physically 
being there... but i'm still not going to ask the participants to hamstring 
the event over nascent trust issues or think that i won't be able to 
teleparticipate as i do the other 51 weeks of the year....

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