printing borken in head ?

Michael Goffioul goffioul at
Tue Aug 12 09:04:24 BST 2003

> - printing from any KDE application to a PDF or Postscript file works ok.
> - watching the PDF or PS file with gv or xpdf shows no problems
> - watching the PDF with kghostview seems ok
> - watching the PS file with kghostview gives the same error message
>    as I mentioned in my original mail:
> Then I did some testing with mozilla:
> I printed through kprinter to a file. This file was
> readable by kghostview without any problems.
> Still confusing....

No confusion at all here. Mozilla and KDE does not use the same
PS generator, so you cannot really compare them. Note also that
kdeprint (and kprinter) is not responsible for the print content
at all, this is the responsability of the client. In the above
example (kprinter + mozilla), kprinter just took the PS on STDIN
(generated by mozilla) and copied it into a disk file, it didn't
touch the data itself.

When printing from a KDE app, then kdeprint tells a little bit
more to the client before printing, like the drawable area using
the margins found in the printer driver.

Now if you can view a KDE generated PS file with gv and not with
kghostview, then it might be related to how kghostview executes
(the command line args) ghostscript internally. In this case, the
problem is to be found in kghostview itself, and maybe in Qt
(remember that in the end, Qt *is* the PS generator).


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