kde-core-devel ?

Christopher Molnar molnar at kde.org
Sat Aug 9 15:45:13 BST 2003

Yep.... My "Accu-Window" shows cloudy, my driveway is wet (meaning it 
rained) - around 85 degrees F, humidity close to 70%. What a nice day 
to be inside in air conditioning working on KDE (or in my case server 
maint.) :-)


On Saturday, August 9, 2003, at 09:39 AM, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> On Sam, 09 Aug 2003, Christopher Molnar wrote:
>> I have not seen any mail in kde-core-devel since the following message
>> - just wondering if something broke?:
> Pssst. you're killing the wonderful silence here.
> (have you checked the weather outside?)

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