userAgent string for Konqueror?

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Thanks for the information on the userAgent string; that's very helpful and good to know.  

The detection is for our web site.  When a user goes to download the Flash Player, the main page should redirect them to the appropriate download page, based on their browser and operating system.  I believe the web team is looking to add detection for the more popular Linux browsers to ensure that we redirect Linux users correctly.

I've forwarded the information to our web developers.

Thank you again for your quick response!


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Hi David!

I am happy that Macromedia has decided to support Konqueror in the 
future. If you have any further questions concerning more integration 
with KDE I am sure the KDE developers will be happy to help.

> Hoping you can answer a quick question for me.  We're adding
> detection for the Konqueror 3.x browser to coincide with the
> release of an updated Flash Player for Linux.  I need to provide to
> the web developers the userAgent string reported by Konqueror 3.x
> so they can add that to the detection scheme.  Unfortunately, none
> of the machines here in the lab have Konqueror 3.x installed, and
> was hoping you might be able to just email me the userAgent string
> reported by the browser.

The userAgent of Konqueror can be customized by the user.
As long as the user doesn't make his Konqueror undetectable on purpose 
you will be able to check by looking for "Konqueror/3". The default 
userAgent is "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Konqueror/3; Linux)". The user 
can change it to something like "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; 
Konqueror/3; Linux 2.4.19; X11; i686; de, en)" for example. Looking 
for "Konqueror/3" should be safe.

I hope that will help you. I have forwarded your mail to the developer 
mailing list of KDE, I hope it's ok for you.


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