Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Sep 30 07:58:10 BST 2002 was hosted by Bero (on, and I'm relativley sure that the 
server was located at Redhat.  Unfortunately I don't know a complete list of 
the KDE domains that were hosted there, but there needs to be some mirgration 
in general.  Bero, thoughts?

What servers can these domains go to now?  Anyone care to do the honors with 
the CVS mirror scripts and DNS changes?


On Sunday 29 September 2002 16:39, Carsten Niehaus wrote:
> Anne Marie and I discussed the current situation of
> Is there a way to relocate the server as in the past few weeks 
> more down than up. I have no idea who maintains the servers in KDE and is
> responsible for them so I am writing core-devel.
> Carsten

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