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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at olympusproject.org
Sun Sep 29 18:29:05 BST 2002

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On Saturday 28 September 2002 01:05, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> The reason is that it's just too easy to change the combo
> box value without an option to revert it. I think, having to
> open the combo box and then beeing able to scroll in it
> is easy enough and can't happen by accident.

i actually find it extremeley useful; you have no idea how much clicking being 
able to scroll through combboxes saves me in an average day =)

the biggest problem seems to be on web pages where people are scrolling the 
page using the mouse and the mouse gets "snagged" in a combobox... 

IMO the beauty solution would be something like this:

once scrolling a web page has started using the wheel, all wheel events 
continue to scroll until the mouse has moved the manhatten length at which 
point the event may be transferred to the widget beneath it (which may still 
be the view).

this way, if the person is just scrolling a web page, it doesn't get snagged 
up in any widget. but if they puposefully put their mouse over the widget, it 
allows scrolling.

> The other problem is if you wheel mouse over konqueror's
> location bar, it will load another page. The fact is that
> changing a combobox has immediate effect, but a wheel
> mouse shouldn't change anything but the view. 

the location bar in konqi should pass the scroll even through to the view, 
just as scrolling on any of the other items in the tollbar does. i don't see 
this alone as reason enough to labotomize all the other comboboxes. =)

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