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Fri Sep 27 15:39:42 BST 2002

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On Friday 27 September 2002 06:50 am, Eva Brucherseifer wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> the autumn events are coming close and I'd like to inform you about what is
> going on. Here are the events where KDE people take part (and that I know
> about):

We are also going to be present at Lisa 2002 in Philadelpha PA.
(Yes we actually have american KDE guys here ;)
Nov 3-8, 2002, Philadelphia PA
My company is going to be sponsoring the booth, and we have some demos going 
on,  3 people are currently scheduled to be at the booth, but if you are 
interested in attending or helping out please dop my a line at 
geiseri at

> Sep 28-29, 2002
> Linux Infotage 2002 in Berlin, Germany
> 4 KDE people will run a booth. Contact: Carsten Pfeiffer  pfeiffer at
> Oct 9-10, 2002<
> Linux Expo UK 2002 in London, UK
> KDE developers are running a booth. More info: David Pashley
> david at
> Oct 11-12, 2002
> LIME (Linux Meeting) 2002 in Rome, Italy
> There will be 2 talks about KDE and an "hands-on" session to show KDE 3.1
> new features. More info: Andrea Rizzi rizzi at
> Oct 29-31, 2002
> LinuxWorld Conference & Expo 2002 in Frankfurt, Germany
> KDE has a 18qm booth and everybody is welcome to join. We get 5 machines by
> Intel for the demopoints, there is also space for a hacking area. More info
> is available at and eva at
> We need the names of the staff soon so that we can order tickets.
> Nov 16, 2002
> 4. LinuxDay in Vorarlberg, Austria
> No plans yet. A booth and rooms for presentations are available for free.
> More info: eva at
> Greetings,
> eva

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