[PATCH] KDateTable::contentsMousePressedEvent()

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Fri Sep 27 15:39:51 BST 2002

Heh, I noticed this bug independantly of the thread and reverted the   
pseudo-fix that John comitted, thinking that it was what had introduced the   
bug (I didn't remember that this thread had happened until John pointed it out  
when I reverted his commit.).  Basicically there was some CVS ping-pong back  
and forth between the US/Canada and Europe.     
If things worked for the US locale, they didn't work for the European (German  
specifically) and vice versa.  I comitted a fix last night that I *hope* fixes  
it everywhere.  Everyone thought that they were fixing the others' off by one  
I'm attaching the fix that I comitted last night.  If anyone has problems with  
HEAD now, please let me know.  
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