KMail release coordinator

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Thu Sep 26 23:37:51 BST 2002


8 of the longterm KMail contributors agreed on the following rules: 

- Michael Haeckel acts as Release Coordinator for KMail in HEAD branch
  for the KDE 3.1 release. That means he is allowed to approve and
  deny commits which should go into KMail for KDE 3.1 release. He does
  his decisions on the base which most of the contributors to KMail would
  agree to.

- Don is allowed to work on KMail in the make_it_cool branch at its own
  will. Furthermore any developer is allowed to join his efforts.
  The KMail in the make_it_cool branch isn't part of the KDE 3.1 release
  and as such the release schedule guidelines don't apply to it.

I received "votes" from: 

Andreas Gungl
Carsten Burghardt
Daniel Naber
Ingo Klöcker
Karl-Heinz Zimmer
Marc Mutz
Michael Häckel
Wolfgang Rohdewald 

All of them were pro the agreement. Nobody disagreed. Therefore, I consider 
these rules to be accepted among the KMail developers. So please stick to it 

Michael, will you please update KMail about box accordingly ?

Dirk (received 26 mails today)

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