Bug in KAction::initPrivate

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Tue Sep 24 16:25:25 BST 2002

Hi Ellis!

> This was added for the kdegames modules.  They use names like:
> 	"move to pile {1}" ... "move to pile {<x>}"
> and attach to the same slot, sparing the developer writing <x> wrapper
> slots.
Ahh, I see.

> If you don't pass a slot which takes a single int parameter, this condition
> will be skipped, and the normal connection will be made.  Otherwise, you
> can let the action know what the value of that parameter should be by
> enclosing an integer in braces.
Hmm, can't do this as the integer is dynamic. I use the following code:

    m_toDesktop = new KListAction( i18n("To Desktop"), 0, this, 
SLOT(slotToDesktop(int)), actionCollection(), "to_desktop" );

to construct a listaction, containing all available desktops. Problem: the 
connection to slotToDesktop(int) doesn't work anymore with the new code in 
KAction. Any idea how to fix it? The following line populates the menu before 
it is shown:

    connect( m_toDesktop->popupMenu(), SIGNAL(aboutToShow()), this, 
SLOT(slotUpdateDesktopActions()) );

which works fine.

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