Bug in KAction::initPrivate

Michael Brade brade at kde.org
Tue Sep 24 15:26:33 BST 2002


I tried to fix the broken "To Desktop" menu in KNotes and found the cause in 
the following code snippet from kaction.cpp, line 308:

    if ( receiver && slot ) {
        d->m_connected = true;
        if ( QString(slot).find( QRegExp("\\(\\s*int\\s*\\)") ) >= 0 ) {

upto here it's fine

            QRegExp rxVal("\\{(.+)\\}");

this is what I don't understand - this regexp makes no sense to me and I have 
no idea what rxVal means.

            rxVal.setMinimal( true );
            if ( rxVal.search( name() ) >= 0 ) {

because of that strange regexp this is always -1. I don't think there are 
action names that contain "{" and "}". Not even KNotes to_desktop action ;)

                d->m_slotParam = rxVal.cap(1).toInt();
                connect( this, SIGNAL( activated( int ) ), receiver, slot );

and thus this *important* connection is never made.

            connect( this, SIGNAL( activated() ), receiver, slot );

Any ideas about this code or how to fix it? Ellis? I'd just remove the strange 
regexp and the search() call.

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