[RFC+PATCH] xp-like fast switching

Matthew T. O'Connor matthew at zeut.net
Mon Sep 23 17:11:49 BST 2002

I don't have answers to your questions, but I would like to say that this 
would be a very nice thing to have.  This is one place where XP is "more" 
multiuser than linux.  I know Linux can do this, but the average user 

Thanks for the work.

On Thursday 19 September 2002 09:42 pm, Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> hi,
> this patch adds an "open new session" menu entry to the k-menu and
> kdesktop's context menu and a button with the same functionality to the
> unlock dialog (i took the opportunity to rewrite half of kdesktop_lock
> :).
> this needs a top-uptodate kdm from head.
> i suppose this comes "somewhat" late for 3.1 :}, but never mind, this
> stuff is a bit half-baked anyway. you have no possibility to switch to
> other sessions except with the usual alt-ctrl-Fn combinations; you don't
> even have an overview of the open sessions. so now i'm wondering, how to
> implement this best.
> - put a manager dialog into kdm. you'd use some cute hotkey or gui
>   elements like in the attached patch to make it pop up. an extended
>   version of this would additionally have some key combination like
>   alt-tab (are shift-alt-ctrl-(left|right) free?) to switch sessions
>   like windows and desktops.
> - put the manager directly into kdesktop, kdesktop_lock and kicker, so
>   you could directly choose a session from the menues. this is more
>   obvious to the user, but
>   - we'd need basically the same code in three apps. any way to share
>     it?
>   - it would require bidirectional communication with kdm. no problem,
>     just that it's some work for me. :)
> of course these two approaches are not mutually exclusive ...
> if you have any opinions regarding the usefulness of any of them or
> suggestions regarding implementation/gui details, you should speak up
> now. :)
> greetings

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