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Sat Sep 21 06:12:35 BST 2002

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On Friday September 20, 2002 09:59, Zack Rusin wrote:
> On Saturday 21 September 2002 00:49, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Apps like Kopete shouldn't be sending messages to the system tray.
> > They should be using KNotify themesleves, like good KDE applications.
> heh, what about Gaim, or good Gnome applications that KDE users want to
> use with our tray?

They're going to make their own bubbles, too, if I read Havoc correctly:

On Friday September 20, 2002 08:34, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Note, this spec is not final; in particular the "message balloon"
> stuff was going to come out because people wanted to make their own
> balloons instead of having the tray do it. (I still like the balloons
> being done in a single consistent place, but there wasn't good
> consensus.)

And even if this weren't the case, what's the point of the standard if only 
the GNOMEs are going to use it?  KNotify is just so much more flexible 
that KDE apps can't give it up.

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