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Zack Rusin zack at
Sat Sep 21 05:45:31 BST 2002

On Saturday 21 September 2002 00:25, Neil Stevens wrote:
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> On Friday September 20, 2002 09:19, Zack Rusin wrote:
> > Well, I like that idea too. But there would have to be a way to
> > specify what kind of a balloon tooltip widget we want to see - pure
> > and simply, looking almost like a tooltip or one with an OK (or
> > similar) and close buttons, something along the lines of:
> >
> That's the sort of thing that should be done in KNotify, so that the
> user can control just how and when he wants to be notified.  A second
> systray system would just conflict with that, no?

Well, the users don't have control over what atom the application sends 
to the tray. For example, lets say an instant messenger sends a message 
to the system tray with the username of the person from whom a message 
was received. Of course we could make Kicker handle those messages 
through knotify but if a user would select 'play a sound on event' then 
we would loose the informations that the app has sent us - in this case 
the username. But come to think of it, passing the widget type in an 
xevent might be very limiting. 


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