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Ryan Cumming ryan at completely.kicks-ass.org
Fri Sep 20 21:43:06 BST 2002

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On September 20, 2002 12:49, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> That would be a nice thing, but it could also get very confusing. For
> instance, imagine the confusion the use of MB and MiB side by side would
> create. And Konqueror reporting one number while ls reports another...
'ls', by default, reports sizes in bytes. If you use the -h switch, it uses 
"G" to represent GiBs, "M" to represent MiBs, and "K" to represent KiBs, etc. 
If you use the --si switch, it (correctly) reports units such as "GB", "MB", 
and "KB".

So the only time you see 'ls' claiming something is a certain size in MB, it 
is already using the SI convention.

> And not discussing whether it should be done or not, just imagine the sheer
> amount of work it would generate just to find all the places where the
> binary calculation is made. It would be a lot easier to change into the
> funny-sounding units than to go decimal...
I really don't think there would be too many areas that need to be changed 
outside of KIO and Konqueror. If you're concerned about the amount of work, I 
offer to do the entire conversion for 3.2.

> I for one will be happy on the increase of memory, from 768MB to 805.306MB
> :-)
Martijn is suggesting that we measure memory sizes in MiBs, as they align 
themselves nicely to binary boundries. So you'd go from 768MB to 768MiB ;)

- -Ryan
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