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Christoph Cullmann crossfire at babylon2k.de
Fri Sep 20 10:57:46 BST 2002

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> Making a web page about something doesn't make it true.  This hijacking of
> kilobyte is just an attempt to rewrite history, and is as doomed to fail
> as the crusade against calling 2000 the new millennium, or against the
> popular meaning of "hacker."
> >  MB is officially 1000000. MiB is 1048576. And people are starting to
> > use MiB instead of the now a bit ambiguous MB when they mean 1048576,
> > albeit slowly.
> Some self-appointed group may say at the top of their lungs that a Kibibyte
> is officially 1024 bytes, but that doesn't change how stupid that sounds,
> and it doesn't dislodge decades of history.
> But the important thing here is the configurability.  Even if you dismiss
> that there is an established tradition for a kilobyte being 1024 bytes,
> you're not going to be able to dismiss other established unit systems so
> easily.
I would say use MB with 1000*1000, MiB with 1024*1024, as the standards says, 
as these standards are world wide accepted. They are perhaps confusing, but 
who cares ? It is not our thing to make the standards but to use them. (I 
don't like them, but it is simply correct to use them, but we could come up 
with just an other standard, like 1023*1023 = MkdeB ;)).

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