[RFC] SI Units in KDE

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Thu Sep 19 22:40:12 BST 2002

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On Thursday September 19, 2002 02:44, Martijn Klingens wrote:
> On Thursday 19 September 2002 23:35, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > Ehm, how many people in this world calculate using the decimal
> > > system? And how many prefer using 'kilo == 1024' over that?
> >
> > In computers? Very few.
> I do. Ryan does.
> And I'm sure almost 100% of everyone who is not working in the IT, but
> only needs a computer for work or leisure does.
> Which brings the total to about 99% of all people using computers, since
> the IT industry is only a marginal part of the total.

Leaving it alone won't bother that 99%, and will hamper the 1% who *do* 
know and are accustomed to the standard industry practice.

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