keditbookmarks / klipper interaction

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at
Thu Sep 19 14:20:25 BST 2002

On Thursday, 19 September 2002 08:02, Alexander Kellett wrote:
> hiya all / carsten,
> it seems that with klipper running keditbookmarks is not able
> to do clipboard operations without large random delays in qt
> after doing a "cut". afaics it only occurs if klippers'
> "sync clipboards" option is on.
> carsten, any work arounds? something to stop klipper seeing
> these bookmark clipboard items as anything important?
> can't imagine that klipper needs to sync the xbel data
> up with the mmb selection :)
> (note, i'm running 3.1, maybe its just a bug there?)

Something similar happens to me (long inactive periods) at random sessions of 
using uml (the uml modeller That app. also uses XML internally, 
I believe.

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