[Patch] for dockmainwindow.cpp

Andreas Zehender zehender at kde.org
Wed Sep 18 08:14:39 BST 2002


In KParts::*MainWindow::createShellGUI( bool create )
the assertation assert( d->m_bShellGUIActivated != create );
was added recently.

However, in KParts::DockMainWindow::createShellGUI, m_bShellGUIActivated will 
not be set to false even if 'create' is false which caused an assertation 
failure if the gui is deactivated and activated again.
The patch fixes this (one missing line).

 Andreas Zehender, Dipl. Ing. (BA)
 Student, 10th semester computer science
 az at azweb.de | zehender at kde.org      

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