[PATCH] am_edit and BSD-make

Adriaan de Groot adridg at cs.kun.nl
Tue Sep 17 22:52:24 BST 2002

[possible repost .. my mailer seems a bit screwy today]

In the interest of supporting BSD make again (although even Lauri uses 
unsermake these days) I've patched am_edit again so that it doesn't reformat 
lines with continuations. In particular,

### Continued comments \
### like this one

don't get reformatted into

### Continued comments \
	### with an extra tab

and the DEP_FILES variable contains all the necessary conditions on every line 
to properly turn it into a comment for either final or nofinal builds.

This has been tested against kdelibs, base and network with BSD make. It also 
(still) works with gmake against kdelibs, though I haven't tried the others.


PS. Note that there's still some dependency problems related to .ui files with 
BSD make which I'll deal with later. The current indentation, commenting and 
continuation style that comes out of am_edit prevents anything from making at 

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