Highly successfull KControl reorganisation

Waldo Bastian bastian at kde.org
Tue Sep 17 19:41:23 BST 2002

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[The subject is chosen to balance out the "KControl debacle" thread]

The structure as proposed on 
http://usability.kde.org/activity/kcontrol_structure_3_1.html has mostly 
found it's way into CVS. This is a short status update.

* Yes, we know it sucks. The goal is to find an arrangement that doesn't suck 
too much. In mathematical terms we try to find a local suckiness-minimum.

* The proposal was to combine "File Sharing" with "Local Network Browsing" but 
on closer inspection that seems a poor choice. "File Sharing" operates from a 
server point of view, while "Local Network Browsing" operates from a client 
point of view. Instead I would like to integrate "Window Shares" with "Local 
Network Browsing".

* I am not sure if "File Sharing" belongs in "Network & Internet" or under 
"System Administration" can someone who has SMB & NFS servers running post 
screenshots of the various "File Sharing" tabs?

* CGI Scripts does not qualify as a "component" in my eyes. I suggest to 
integrate it with "System Administration -> Paths"

* "Desktop-->Appearance" has to go. The font selection has already been added 
to "Appearance & Themes -> Fonts". I suggest that the color selection is 
integrated in the "Appearance & Themes -> Background" panel since the color 
of your desktop-icon-text has a direct relation with the background color.
[I will post another message on this subject]

* quickHelp - The quick-help text still needs adjusting in a number of 
modules. In some cases the individual tabs have different quickhelp texts, 
the overall module could return the quickhelp of the active tab, but the 
control center does not update the help text when the active tab changes I 

* The .desktop files need to be removed from their old location for people who 
install from source in KDE 3.1Beta2. Can anyone provide me with a tarball of 
$KDEDIR/share/applnk/Settings as installed by KDE3.1Beta1?

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