Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Tue Sep 17 08:04:46 BST 2002

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 16:43, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> Let me clarify this a bit. You are in a dispute over the
> maintainership of kmail and you latest CVS commits seems to be an
> attempt to force a verdict in this matter from the larger KDE
> community.


> Based on the information that has been presented to me over the
> last few weeks you have been the maintainer for KMail for a
> significant period. However, for all practical matters, Michael
> H├Ąckel has been the maintainer for the last year or so. I do not
> have the impression that anyone other than you disputed Michael's
> role as current maintainer.

Current maintainer is not the most important concept to me. But I will 
discuss that later.

> You can consider the temporary suspension of your CVS access a
> preliminary verdict by me in this matter.

Cool. But does this means you are not going to let me commit to 
make_it_cool or other KDE packages while this KMail HEAD case is in 

I have other more important things I want to work on besides this 
issue of maintainership.

 I suggest that both you
> and Michael present your case in one single mail to the members of
> this mailinglist and then the members of this list can voice their
> opinion in this matter.

Ok, I'll work on that mail tonight and send it by tomorrow. But I 
would like both mails to be sent to you in private and once you have 
received both of them then you should post them to the list.

> Hopefully that leads to some sort of rough
> concensus, and if so, then I consider that to be binding.

Ok, a jury by my peers that's what I wanted.

> Alternatively, you can work out an amicable agreement with Michael.

I have attempted to do this in private mail with no success. I guess I 
should attach those mails. There are a number of private mails sent 
between Michael and myself does Michael (or Marc of khz) object to me 
including those mails?


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