Don Sanders sanders at kde.org
Tue Sep 17 07:33:03 BST 2002

On Tuesday 17 September 2002 15:55, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> Hi Don,
> I hope you understand that these kind of ping-pong commits are not
> acceptable.

Yes I understand.

> I have temporarily disabled your KDE CVS access till
> this matter is resolved.

If you restore my cvs write access then I'm willing to _not_ commit to 
the KMail HEAD branch again until the matter is resolved. 

This will prevent further ping-pong commits, you have my word on that.

But I would like to continue to work on the make_it_cool branch and on 
kaplan and kde-pim.

I do feel that I am the rightful maintainer of the KMail package in 
Taferner's absence and that Micheal should accept that. If core is 
going to decide that I am not the rightful maintainer then I would 
like some kind of official decision to be made along with a public 
announcement (a mail on the KMail list from you and Dirk is enough). 
And I would like this to be done in a timely manner e.g. one week.


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