RH BR74071 (Was: Configuring the Red Hat Linux desktop)

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Sun Sep 15 06:03:51 BST 2002

I'm curious - are there particular reasons why you think that
"strip kde-" approach is better than what I suggested in:


of optionally being able to specify a canonical DesktopName
in the desktop file?

Only application desktop files were renamed in our changes, not 
service desktop files, so there is a extra expense in having
to continually tack on "kde-" and check for that in addition.

How common is findServiceByDesktopPath() usage? The main
use I see of this in kdebase is for looking up services 
in /usr/share/services/searchproviders/. 

If it's actually used to refer to services in application 
desktop files, then we probably need to stick the original
DesktopPath  in the desktop file along with the original 
DesktopName, since menu rearrangement was the main point
of the exercise to begin with...


Waldo Bastian <bastian at kde.org> writes:

> On Friday 13 September 2002 12:40 pm, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > Please send such feedback to me personally, and I'll post a
> > summary of the more interesting ideas.
> You probably want to patch the two functions below from KServiceFactory to 
> take into account any "kde-" prefixing. That probably also means that we have 
> to do the reverse in the KDE mainline because otherwise applications written 
> for RDE will not work with KDE. 
> E.g. if an application asks for findServiceByDesktopName("kde-konsole") then 
> that will work in RDE, but currently not in KDE.
> Cheers,
> Waldo
>   /**
>    * Find a service (by desktop file name, e.g. "konsole")
>    */
>   KService * findServiceByDesktopName( const QString &_name );
>   /**
>    * Find a service ( by desktop path, e.g. "System/konsole.desktop")
>    */
>   KService * findServiceByDesktopPath( const QString &_name );

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