Declension of month names in long format dates

Jacek Stolarczyk jacek at
Sat Sep 14 20:48:48 BST 2002


I've committed to kdelibs a patch that allows to specify whether you want to 
have a declined form of month in dates. It is important for at least slavic 
languages where:
January = leden
10 January 2002 = 10 ledna 2002
January = styczeń
10 January 2002 = 10 stycznia 2002

The patch adds new strings to kdelibs/kdecore "of January", "of February" etc. 
You may omit these new strings if your language doesn't use declined forms of 
months. Two config keys govern the behaviour (NounDeclension and 
DateMonthNamePossessive in entry.desktop). Only if both are set to true the 
new behaviour is used.

The patch also adds a checkbox to kdebase/kcontrol/locale Date&Time module. 
The checkbox controls the state of DateMonthNamePossessive key and is visible 
only if you have NounDeclension = true. So for English, French and others 
nothing should change. Please note that even with new behaviour chosen, the 
old format is still recognized by readDate function.

Crossposting to kde-core-devel and kmail as this affects kdecore. Kmail is 
affected that the date put during reply formation may change.

I have posted the patch on kde-core-devel some 4 weeks ago and have received 
no critisism of it so I assumed I had a "go" :-) It's been working for me 
since then.


Jacek Stolarczyk
jstolarz at
Coordinator of Polish translations of KDE


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