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Klaas Freitag freitag at
Thu Sep 12 16:27:40 BST 2002

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Simon Hausmann wrote:


> >
> > Darn that thing is ugly..
It is  :-)

> After having used bugzilla for a couple of queries my opinion is
> that it's half as bad as it looks like :)
> For doing really complex queries the query page is pretty good IMHO.
Yes. But note: Every query you did can be named, saved and used again
later, you also can put it in your personal footer.

If you are for example interested in all Konqueror bugs that where
changed between christmas and new year 2001 or whatever, fiddle around
until you have the query and save it. Very cool. Another quite cool
feature: If you have a query that does not yet exactly what it should,
there is an 'edit this query' link at the bottom of the buglist, that
reloads the query page. Hitting 'back' to the query page  is sometime wired
because of java script code that sorts Products/Components etc.


> For the common case of 'Hey, I just want to see all the bugs of
> package xzy' it is usually sufficient to either enter the package
> name (or the bug number) right on the front page or
> in the first lineedit on the query page and just hit enter.
> The old bug system offered only the above described 'common case' ,
> or rather: it offered what bugzilla provides basically at the very
> same 'location' : on the front page.
> On top of that many people used the bug: shortcut in Konqueror.
> Technically it should be no problem to change that shortcut to work
> with bugzilla.
> So all in all I think the old features are available at the same
> quality in bugzilla plus we get the possibility to do complex
> queries. (and more other query-unrelated features of course :)
> Simon

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