READ: bugzilla coming real soon now :)

Adam Treat manyoso at
Thu Sep 12 14:48:01 BST 2002

Please leave the default query page for advanced users.  I would suggest a 
basic search page be added instead of the advanced query removed.

On Thursday 12 September 2002 09:08 am, Thomas Zander wrote:
> The search page is in one word 'unusable'. Far too many input fields, not
> enough comments, severly cluttered  and too heigh to fit on any screen.
> Searching on bugs per version strikes me as very unneeded. I remember we
> only had 3 severity options, 2 status, no OS,
> What about severely stripping that page down; since it is the page new
> visitors will see first. A first impression I don't want to cripple
> anyone's poor brain with :)
> Hihi; the "Give me a clue about how to use this form." at the bottom tells
> me enough :)
> Darn that thing is ugly..

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