[PATCH] CVS Diffs for kde-cvs in KMail

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Thu Sep 12 14:41:36 BST 2002

Ok, I originally wrote this for myself, but after some peer pressure I decided               
to go ahead and throw this out there...               
This displays a WebCVS link to the diff for commits on kde-cvs.  Something             
From: David Faure <faure at kde.org>         
To: kde-cvs at mail.kde.org         
Date: Today 10:43:36         
WebCVS: kdelibs/kdeui/ktoolbar.cpp, kdelibs/kdeui/kaction.cpp,         
where the text "kdelibs/kdeui/ktoolbar.cpp" links to         
Now before the flames start (and I feel certain that they will ;-) ), it's        
only available through a configuration option that is just stored in the        
config file.       
So, for me in ~/.kde-cvs/share/config/kmailrc, by switching:      
from false to true, this enables the links in Fancy, Standard and Long header     
modes.  Thus "normal" users won't be infected with another (most likely     
useless to them) configuration option.     
This patch is for HEAD (since that's what I work with), but because of the     
feature freeze and all that jazz, if people are interested, I can port it to     
make_it_cool (If there's any porting involved.  I haven't tried...).       
And I'm sure there are 872 better ways to do this (yep, it's a hack); feel 
free to do so, but this works and is rather convenient for me. 
CC'ing core-devel in case this doesn't make it in and people want to use it    
anyway.  :-)   
If you respond on kmail at kde.org (and not on core-devel), please CC me.  
That will be all for now, 
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