Preannounce: Kroupware Project started

Don Sanders sanders at
Wed Sep 11 09:40:32 BST 2002

> Thanks!
> > Now, already the first technical question: why did you choose
> > Cyrus IMAP instead of Courier IMAP?
> Again, I will unfortunately have to pass the ball to Martin or the
> other Erfrakon guys; I am just one of the client guys :-o

Just a thought but I think it makes sense to try to add functionality 
to IMAP (proprietrary at first but try to get it into the IMAP 
standard via the IETF and RFCs).

For instance, I don't think it's completely the right thing for the 
MUA to implement virtual folders. Instead for IMAP users that should 
be implemented in the IMAP server. So when they change from one 
machine to another they don't lose their virtual folders.

Also stuff like multiple identities fall into the same category.

Anyways just I've thought that's been swimming around in my head for 


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