Qt 3.1b1

Gioele Barabucci dev at gioelebarabucci.com
Tue Sep 10 00:54:49 BST 2002

Thomas Zander wrote:
>>   3 the developer that only uses Qt from source and KDE from binary
>>     packages and wants to develop KDE applications: does not work.
>> Who's 3? And why?
> 3 are all companies and projects that try to offer binairy versions of
> their software and are faced with the question of KDE AND Qt versions.
> It is not enough anymore to say you need KDE3 (which implicitly needs Qt3)
> but you need to specify you need Qt3.1
IIRC latest KDE2.x.x releases will not work nice (and even compile) with plain 
Qt2.0 because they uses new methods that came after that release. So the 
users HAD to upgrate to Qt > 2.0 to use it correcty.
At the same time ppl that compiled something using Qt2.0 could still use those 
binaries through BC.

I think that KDE3.2 will surely need Qt3.1 or later because it will use some 
newer methods.

Where is the problem??

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