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David Faure david at
Sun Sep 8 10:17:50 BST 2002

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On Sunday 08 September 2002 05:50, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> 2. KKeyDialog
> The signature of the protected buildListViewItem method got changed, by adding 
> a new method with an additional parameter (and a default value). THe attached 
> kkeydialog.diff adds a compatibility wrapper. (It is OK for it to be inline, 
> though?)

I noticed that one when kdebindings wouldn't compile anymore, but looking at it,
it's soo internal, that I don't see how anyone could call that one. Well... ;)

> 3. KStdAction:
> TipofDay addition bubmps ReportBug, AboutApp, AboutKDE enums to different 
> value

ARGL. Isn't there a big fat warning "always add to the end" for that enum?

> KIO:
> 1. KBookMarkManager:
> Somewhat nasty: bool m_showNSBookmarks got added in 3.0.1 and wasn't in 3.0; 
> but the ctor is protected and the normal method to create it is through a 
> static member, so it should be fine unless something inherits it. 

Quite unlikely IMHO....

> 2. KOpenWithDlg:
> Base class changed from QDialog to KDialogBase. KDialogBase has a lot of extra 
> members, so this changes layout. No patch since highly untrivial.

Ouch. I think we need to revert until KDE-4 :(
That one is meant to be used directly.

> 4. kio/jobclases.h, DeleteJob:
> Possible: (don't know whether public, but GwenView uses it according to LXR)
It uses it how? Derives from it? Or just uses members? The problem is not members,
it's construction/destruction. Typically, people create a DeleteJob by using KIO::del().

> Remove KURL::List, add instead KURL::List::Iterator followed by QStringList. 
Yes, that was a very necessary bugfix.
IMHO it's ok, since builtin jobs are not meant to be constructed directly (although
there's nothing to prevent that)... (and this is also related to deriving, since one needs
to construct it himself, to be able to derive ;)
Ok this could be turned into a BC change, using the d pointer and keeping some old
unused member vars... if there's really anyone constructing that class directly.

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