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Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Sun Sep 8 04:50:44 BST 2002


This evening, I've done a cvs diff on kdelibs headers vs. KDE_3_0_RELEASE and 
looked around for binary incompatibilities with KDE3.0 (the idea of using the 
header diff for BC checking is due to Tronical, who brought it up in a 
different context). Ryan Cumming helped me out with this.  There were quite a 
few incompatibilities that I've found, unfortunately (and it's quite possible 
that I've missed some, plus I've only checked some of the directories: dcop, 
kdefx, kdecore, kdeui, kdeui, kparts); for those that I understood well 
enough I've attached patches. 


1. KFontChooser. 

A new member was added (KIntNumInput* sizeOfFont); the attached 
kfontdialog_restore_bc.diff fixes it by placing the new pointer in place of 
the unused xlfdBox one (as suggested by Ryan)

2. KKeyDialog

The signature of the protected buildListViewItem method got changed, by adding 
a new method with an additional parameter (and a default value). THe attached 
kkeydialog.diff adds a compatibility wrapper. (It is OK for it to be inline, 

3. KStdAction:

TipofDay addition bubmps ReportBug, AboutApp, AboutKDE enums to different 
value. Proposed patch: move it towards the end of enum list


1. KBookMarkManager:
Somewhat nasty: bool m_showNSBookmarks got added in 3.0.1 and wasn't in 3.0; 
but the ctor is protected and the normal method to create it is through a 
static member, so it should be fine unless something inherits it. 

2. KOpenWithDlg:

Base class changed from QDialog to KDialogBase. KDialogBase has a lot of extra 
members, so this changes layout. No patch since highly untrivial.

3. kio/global.h, enum CacheControl:

Possible: Addition of CC_Refresh bumps CC_Reload to a new value. 

4. kio/jobclases.h, DeleteJob:

Possible: (don't know whether public, but GwenView uses it according to LXR):
Remove KURL::List, add instead KURL::List::Iterator followed by QStringList. 

5. kio/scheduler.h :

Possible: (again, not sure whether public): m_windowList got added. 

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