KDE 3.0.4 release date

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 6 19:07:09 BST 2002

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Waldo Bastian wrote:
>On Friday 06 September 2002 03:13 am, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> If that is so, then I propose this for the next time: once we start
>> working for KDE 3.2, or, say, after KDE 3.2 alpha 1, the KDE 3.1 branch
>> should go into message freeze (or almost freeze).
>That's already established practice for the last two years or so.
>When a major release (e.g. KDE_3_X_RELEASE) has been made a maintenance
> branch is being made (KDE_3_X_BRANCH). That branch is for bugfixes only. No
> new messages should be introduced in that branch.

That's what I thought. And that policy means that there shouldn't be any new 
translations to be made and, thus, √Čric's point is moot.

There won't be a workload on the translators to get 3.0.4 out there.

Thanks for clearing the point for me.

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