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Fri Sep 6 10:01:45 BST 2002

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On Thursday September 05, 2002 06:31, Andreas Pour wrote:
> I think this "make a patch" response gets out of hand.  It is a fine
> response to a feature request, but not to a bug.  Or do you think a
> maintainer of a KDE app should always be able to say, "I won't fix a bug
> unless you send a patch"?  Where does that lead us?

Out of hand or no, it's the truth.  But which truthful response would you 
rather see?

"That bug is known but won't be fixed right now."


"That bug is known bit won't be fixed right now.  You're free to submit a 
patch, though."

One is a flat rejection, the other is a call to action.  One dismisses the 
user, one invites the user to join.  In the case of a developer really 
having other priorities, and not getting to that bug right away, then you 
really can't expect any more than this.
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