Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Fri Sep 6 09:21:43 BST 2002

On Friday 06 September 2002 09:52, Rob Kaper wrote:
> Taking it one step further, this would be even more useful if I added it to
> kdeui/kbugreport.cpp, but that would probably need some changes to the bug
> report wizard. Martijn, would it be much work to extend the regexp to allow
> this new data (which, since not present in older releases, would be
> optional) ?

_PLEASE_ supply it as a separate variable, like '&qtversion=...', which can be 
supported in only a couple of minutes and much less error-prone.

However, since Coolo is already busy converting the wizard to Bugzilla/Perl I 
am quite unsure if it's worth spending time on it for the current wizard. 
Depends a bit on the ETA I'd say. I hope to help Coolo and Daniel Naber a bit 
with the conversion, time permitting, but both Bugzilla and Perl are alien 
environments for me, so it's a bit of a tough challenge.

> General replies on whether it is desired to have more information like this
> available in the about dialog and bug report system would be welcome.

I strongly think it is. If you change it and the consensus is to add support 
for it in the current wizard (and not leave it to the new bugzilla wizard) 
I'll gladly help you on the PHP side of things.

> I
> myself wouldn't mind if the about dialog listed the versions of all major
> dependencies which have a version string available at compile time.

Hmm, PHP had a limit of 1024 characters on a querystring and moving to a form 
POST instead of GET would require some KIO code in the bug report dialog and 
prevent using another browser as preferred browser. Especially since AFAIK 
bugzilla's code doesn't do sessions it will be much harder for us to support 
such things.

If there is no arbitrary limit on the querystring (or if you know a solution) 
I'm all for it though.


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