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Michael Häckel haeckel at kde.org
Fri Sep 6 06:50:18 BST 2002

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On Thursday 05 September 2002 23:47, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> I'm very unhappy to see that you all try to escalate the conflict even more
> by doing such unreasonable requests. The worst thing that could be done
> right now is trying to solve this situation is by to enforcing our power
> over CVS accounts (I'm even more unhappy about seeing such requests from a
> wellknown developer and kde.org alias owner - different topic though).

Independant of how this problem is solved we definitely need a solution to
prevent children games like Don committing, me reverting or me committing and
Don reverting. If the maintainer question is cleared and accepted by everyone
this should also solve the problem.

If anyone else would have committed such a change without asking or with me
even objecting I would simply have reverted immeditately, but what shall I do

> discussion. The first issue is, who is maintaining KMail and the second is
> if Don's change should be committed that late in the release cycle. I will
> not comment on the first issue, because this is IMHO an issue to sort out
> between all the KMail contributors, and not to be decided by anybody who
> isn't involved in the KMail development at all.

So shall we put up elections? Up to now about five people spoke up for me and 
nobody for Don, but we could also try again in a more formal way.

> problems, better don't change anything in KMail. If you want to make sure
> that you develop KMail further to make it better than it is already, then
> actually _let_ the code be changed, review and test the changes and think
> about possible problems, and don't waste your time on putting more and more
> energy in this discussion.

If we now also have to spend time in rewiewing and testing additional not
planned and really required changes we definitely need at least a few
additional weeks for KDE 3.1 final. For every further such change the
timeframe of course needs to be extended again.

We still have some problems introduced by the aegypten project that definitely
need to be fixed before KDE 3.1.

> I believe that Don is reasonable enough to revert the changes if you
> actually point out the technical problems with it and explain why there is
> not enough time to fix them before the release. If you can't.. hmm.

Already testing and finding out that the problem is really caused by Don's
changes and not by others and pointing out these problems causes additional
work for all other developers because Don is not willing to deal with bug
reports by users.

Michael Häckel
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