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Michael Häckel haeckel at kde.org
Thu Sep 5 11:16:23 BST 2002

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On Thursday 05 September 2002 11:44, Matthias Ettrich wrote:
> A feature that is #if 0'd out is not a new feature. Add something like this
> to reducing CVS resolving workload is a perfectly valid reason.
> I read from your mail that you agree that the patch was "needed  for
> maintainability and code cleanness of KMail". In other words: it apparently
> was good work and well done and we should be greatful for the contribution.
> From what I've seen in kmail's code, work on maintainability and code
> cleaness is indeed important.
> The real question is: does the code work or does it create problems. If it
> creates problems that cannot be fixed in time, I'm sure Don will agree to
> take it out for the release, it it works, there's no problem.

It does not fix any bug but only might introduce new ones we don't know yet,
therefore I'm of the opinion that it's now not the time to put it into CVS
but after KDE 3.1. There are more important things to work on currently that
definitely need to be fixed before KDE 3.1 instead of caring for additional

Anyway this is not the main problem. The main problem is that we have a
developer who simply ignores objections of the KMail core developers an the
maintainer and commits anyway.

Don is currently also working on a different patch where there are definitely
quite serious technical objections, but he ignores them so far and wants to
commit anyway.

If there are different opinions it is possible to discuss this, but simply
ignoring concerns and objections is not the way to go.

> There's still plenty of time to test the stuff.

I have already quite some experience from the past and therefore are a bit
more conservative when it comes to such things.

> If the main problem of our free software project turns out to be too many
> contributions, then we really came far :-)

Contributions are very welcome but only as long certain rules are kept.

I am the maintainer of KMail and up to now everyone besides Don Sanders
accepted me as maintainer. I can't maintain an application if there is
somebody who does what he wants and simply ignores me and tries to take this
title away from me with very strangs arguments just because I am for the
first time of a different opinion than he is.

Michael Häckel
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