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Marc Mutz mutz at kde.org
Thu Sep 5 09:48:23 BST 2002

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Hi all!

For those of you unaware of the current threa{t,d}s on kmail at kde.org:

Don Sanders claims maintainership of KMail on the ground of being "the 
inheritor of an abandoned" project[1] and to have only "delegated" 
maintainership to Michael Haeckel since he was short of time[2].

That doesn't seem to be a gentlemen's agreement, though, but more a of a 
one-sided view at best[3].

As a demonstration of power, he today comitted a very intrusive patch 
that, while needed for maintainability and code cleanness of KMail, 
doesn't belong comitted this late in the release. IMO, it does not fix 
a visible bug, but introduces new features (albeit #if 0'd out). The 
reason repeatedly stated by Don for comitting is that he thinks the 
workload is getting too high for him if he needs to resolve CVS 
conflicts in his own tree[4-8].

This action was unanimously disapproved of by _all_ KMail core 
developers (except Don, of course)[9,10,myself], the current maintainer 
Michael Haeckel[11], plus a few others[e.g. 12] when posted and only 
supported by two other persons, AFAICS[13,14]. It was disapproved of on 
the basis of the feature freeze and on the basic principles of KDE 

We tried to solve this situation over the last few days (actually, more 
or less the whole week), but we didn't come to a workable solution. 
That is, everyone except Don and the other person, _did_ agree to 
postpone this change.

Since we couldn't stop Don from comitting and he obvously didn't even 
consider opening a branch for his work (as suggested by myself quite 
early on in the discussion[15]), I now appeal to the release dude to 
speak up on this.

It's not easy for me to do this, but failing any positive effect, I ask 
to revoke Don's CVS rights at least until 3.1.0 is out of the door.

I am aware of the fact that I have no right in bringing this up, me not 
being the maintainer of the affected project, but I think I speak for 
Michael, too. If not, Michael, please speak up about where our opinions 

Thanks for listening,

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