KDirWatcher and dnotify signal problem

Josef Weidendorfer Josef.Weidendorfer at gmx.de
Tue Sep 3 19:01:48 BST 2002


I just had a look at recent LINUX kernel patches.
2.4.19pre3, and thus, 2.4.19 has a patch for dnotify.

Probably this fixes the problem Waldo mentioned...
I didn't check I, as I still have 2.4.18 (Suse 8.0).
Can someone do this with 2.4.19 and DNOTIFY enabled:
Start up some application with Alt-F2, and look if KDesktop
still updates the desktop when you create a file in
~/KDesktop (or how the path may be).

And yes, there should be a check for >= 2.4.19 in configure,
to enable dnotify (if the bug is really fixed!).

I'm personally against using the dnotify support in KDirWatch
as it needs sometimes LOTS of file descriptors to be open (e.g. kded),
but that's another story. And dnotify inside of fam works really quite well.

On Monday 02 September 2002 20:38, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> [...]
> Shouldn't it redefine SIGRTMIN in that case to account for that?

Probably right, as the includes come from GLIBC and not from the kernel,
as it was in the past. But the include file has to know that you link with 
-lpthread, and that's something only the linker knows.

So, I think the patch of Lubos is quite OK.

> > So since the switch to Qt3 dnotify probably didn't
> > work that great.

I don't think the RTMIN was the problem; it was the LINUX kernel bug.
I think the PThread library won't do anything with RTMIN until multithreading
is actually used in the app. And how many apps in KDE 3 really use 


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