Tim Jansen tim at
Wed Sep 4 01:25:29 BST 2002


I would like to add a new method to KImageIO:

   *  Returns the type of a mime type.
static QString typeForMime(const QString& mimeType);

Right now I can not see any other clean way to get the type of a mime type. 
This is needed for a KIconEdit bugfix: When the user saves an icon and does 
not specify a file type, the file should be saved in the selected filter 
format. The filter list is initialized using 
KImageIO::mimeTypes(KImageIO::Writing), so KFileDialog::currentFilter() 
returns only the mime type (and not the image type). But the image type of 
the mime type is needed in order to get the file type's suffix that must be 
appended to the file. Thus the extra method.

You can find the patch here:

and the KIconEdit patch (mostly written by SadEagle) at


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