kdepim depends on kdenetwork through mimelib

Best, Jan-Pascal van j.p.vanbest at tbm.tudelft.nl
Tue Sep 3 12:36:42 BST 2002

Marc wrote:
> This Exchange plugin now makes all this moot, I guess.
Maybe not. Read on.

> Still, I think that the current status quo should be kept at 
> least until 3.1 is out of the door.
I would agree to that.

> @Jan-Pascal:
> If you are working on an IMAP server, why do you need 
> mimelib? 
I'm not talking to Exchange as an IMAP server. I'm talking to it
using WebDAV, first to search for appointments in a certain date
range and then to read the appointments themselves. For some
reason, Exchange returns them as rfc822 messages, containing a
text/calendar part which in turn consists of an iCalendar file.

But seeing the scorching discussions about mimelib/KMime in 
this group, I've looked more seriously at reading appointment 
information from the Exchange server using direct webdav 
property reading commands and I think it will be doable 
for 3.2. The other way around, writing appointment to the
server, is already done using webdav property setting commands.

This would eliminate the need for mimelib completely.

There remains the problem now that kdepim depends on kdenetwork.
I'm modifying the libkpimexchange configure.in.in so that it only
compiles if mimelib is available, that should take care of the 
worst complaints. We should tell the packagers however that if they
want exchange support they need to install kdenetwork before kdepim.



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