Artifacts in Keramik widget theme

Henrik Johnson hpj at
Tue Sep 3 03:10:10 BST 2002

Regarding the pushbutton problem it is created using the following 

QToolButton button=new QToolButton((QPixMap)anyPixmap,"Some text","Some 
button->setPopup(new QPopupMenu(button));

And that seem to pretty much make it show up, wrong background on the 
left part of the button.

Regarding the problem to the right of some of the toolbars it is when 
you use the following constructor.

toolbar=new KToolBar((QMainWidget *)mainWidget,(QWidget *)parent);

That means that the toolbar is attached to another widget than the main 
widget and can't be move. That means no toolbar handle and where the 
handle is supposed to be the background is wrong.

Hopefully this is helpfull. The code for the application I am seing this 
on is Tora ( You will need to grab the CVS 
version to get the "kde toolbar widget" fix you mentioned before.

Underscore AB

Maks Orlovich wrote:

>>Ok, I've looked around and it seems to work now. That just leaves the
>>artifacts of the problem with the inactive QPushButton popup and the
>>wrongly painted missing toolbar handle on toolbars which doesn't have
>>the maintindow as the parent.
>Hmm.. Can you please tell me a bit more about the setup of those so I can try 
>to reproduce the problem? I can't see enough on the screenshot to tell.
>Maks Orlovich
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