Bug in KProcess?

Sebastian TrĂ¼g sebastian at trueg.de
Mon Sep 2 22:25:32 BST 2002

> You pass "NoRead" so you have to do the reading yourself and update the
> according to what read() returns.
> I guess you not want to pass NoRead and instead let KProcess do the
> for you. You must connect to the other receivedStdout() signal in that

> Cheers,
> Waldo

Damn it. I'm such an idiot!
No, I really want to do the reading on my own because I need to have
influence on when the data is read. Actually I'm piping the data on stdout
into another process and have to wait until it has been written.
But what you write sounds like I have to read the data in the slot connected
to the stdout-signal. Is that right? Or is there any possibility that
KProcess suspends processing stdout until I read it?


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