Artifacts in Keramik widget theme

Henrik Johnson hpj at
Mon Sep 2 19:06:39 BST 2002

Maks Orlovich wrote:

>On Monday 02 September 2002 01:01 pm, Henrik \(Mauritz\) Johnson wrote:
>>I just switched to the Keramik widget theme and I have a few problems
>>with it.
>>First of all the toolbars have problems with labels. They don't get the
>>correct background. After checking some other themes the only one who
>>seems to get this right is the Liquid theme. All the KDE ones seem to
>>have problems with this.
>You need to set the name of widget you place on the toolbar to "kde toolbar 
>widget" for the background to be painted properly. 
First of all I have to ask why this somewhat "hacky" tweak is needed. 
Couldn't it simply be fixed in the styles, liquid seems to manage it. 
Lastly, after trying it it unfortunately doesn't seem to work. The 
background is still not right.

Underscore AB
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